Online Privacy (+7 pts. @ 75) has garnered media attention from a steady stream of government and private sector “data leaks”, the latest involving the Edward Snowden and NSA story.

Online Privacy, like its fellow Online Security (+1 pts. @ 75), is a good example of a trend that is periodically spiked by various stories, from which it builds increased momentum.  Over the last 4 years, there were 5 major Online Privacy stories that tapped a national, if not international, audience.


Wikileaks, Snowden, Twitter (NC @ 99) etc. have all accounted for much of these spikes in recent years.  But the significant media takeaway is simply that the trend has significant momentum and appears not to be abating anytime soon.  It has shown to have consumer, business, government and international dimensions, which enable the trend to be part of many different story lines across different media segments.


The bubble chart illustrates the relative position of three key trends around the government-related privacy and security stories – Online Privacy (+7 points @ 75), Facial Recognition Systems (+4 points @ 66) and Online Security (+1 point @ 78).