LeBron James Up +21 TrendSignal points to 72, and #2 position in Male Athletes category.The LeBron James brand is riding a solid second to David Beckham in the highly competitive Male Athletes category, with a +21 point TrendSignal gain in June to 72. Most of the increase can be attributed to James’ amazing performance during the NBA championship playoffs and finals.

If historical performance is any indication of future media activity, the LeBron James brand is likely to see a 10 point drop over the next month as basketball fades from the media spotlight.  Unlike Tiger Woods or David Beckham, LeBron James hasn’t captured the off-season following of these other marquee athletes.

But LeBron James leads the media performance rankings among NBA players, with Kobe Bryant the closest NBA brand with a TrendSignal of 60 (-5 points over the prior month).