This is one of those trends that can all too frequently gets ignored during its early rise to fame and glory.

In-Car Mobile Applications (NC @ 44) is on a consistent upward track without even a hint of a downturn.  If it were a stock, its show of consistent gains would make it a great buy.


Like every hopeful stock or trend, it could just as easily take a downturn.  But consider the trend and its respective category. Mobile Applications (-1 pts. @ 91) are hot, regardless of whether they’re in a moving vehicle.  It’s important to note that a TrendSignal of 91 is significant.


If you look at the Mobile & Mobility trends that make up much of the in-car experience, you quickly notice that they’re all trending consistently above the category average with Mobile Applications maintaining a Leading quadrant position.


We’re keeping a close eye on In-Car Mobile Applications as it begins to look more and more like a breakout trend.  It is attracting considerable media attention and finding its way into larger story lines, i.e., driver safety, driverless cars, GPS, etc.  There are also some heavy hitting Auto Brands (+1 @ 73) moving in parallel with this trend.