TigerWoodsMay2013With the release of our May 2013 Male Athletes Brand Report, Tiger Woods’ TrendSignal of 72 (out of 100) is down -6 points from the prior month, and down -11 points over the prior year.

Despite these dips, Tiger still comfortably owns the #1 position in the Male Athletes category, with Lance Armstrong his closest media competitor with a TrendSignal of 68. Tiger Woods’ advertising value is still relatively high on the month at $9.8M, taking his brand to $120M for the trailing 12-month period.  The Nike athlete endorsement team should be cheering as one of their marquee athletes has reclaimed most of his prior media losses in 2012.

It appears the Tiger Woods brand is settling into a 70 TrendSignal target range.  The trailing 12-month media trend is tracking closely to the Tiger Woods of 2011.  Though nothing close to the 2009/2010 performance where his brand averaged well over 80 points in the competitive athlete “celebrity” category.