We’re happy to launch our new Condition or Disease TrendSignal Report. This report covers more than 100 conditions and diseases discussed in traditional and social media.

It’s no fun to report on any of these diseases, but our job is to measure and report on things discussed in the media. And we strive to measure as many things as possible to create the most representative and statistically robust data set.

That said, given our aging population it’s not surprising that the TrendSignal for Dementia continues to build steadily across all media segments.  Search volumes are at historic highs (82) with the bell-weather Top-US Newspaper segment hitting an amazing 93 points in April.

Looking at the topline TrendSignal tells only part of the story.Within almost all media segments, over a trailing 12-month period, the spread between high and low scores is relatively narrow.  This tells us that the Dementia story has stopped trending, volatility is low, and the trend is now mainstreaming its way through the media based on 8 months of solid media growth.