Sometimes it’s less about size and more about direction and change.

Take Abby Wambach, a breathtakingly skilled soccer player who caught the world’s attention at the London Olympics. With a current TrendSignal of 33, up +4 over the prior month on a trailing 12-month average of 31, her media prominence is barely above the Female Athlete Category average of 30.

But if you look at her 4-year TrendSignal performance, you can see the Wambach brand has the ability to spike up to 40+ points. Her brand has built a steady base around 30 points.  The importance of context is critical here.

Abby Wambach competes for media attention with some very solid female athlete brands – Serena and Venus Williams, Sharapova, Vonn, Danica Patrick, etc.  But the maximum Signal in the category runs around 54 points on a category average of 30. Consistently scoring in the mid-30s with spikes into the 40s can get you into a coveted top-10 ranking.  No small feat.

With a new soccer league and a solid team, Abby Wambach has lots of media upside.  Trending is all about momentum, change from prior periods and comparisons to peer brands and trends.  The Wambach brand is in a good position to score!