Drug brands are very sensitive to media exposure, and Zithromax came under quite a bit of attention when the FDA threw the drug’s maker, Pfizer, a curve ball when it put Zithromax on the warning list, saying it can cause potentially fatal irregular heart rythyms.  The brand’s TrendSignal was up +16 points over the prior month and +23 points over the prior year.  Now with a TrendSignal of 55, the company is well ahead of its trailing 12-month average signal value of 37.

FDA warns Zithromax can cause fatal irregular heart rhythm

Source: FoxNews
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned on Tuesday that the popular antibiotic azithromycin, sold as Zithromax, can cause a potentially fatal irregular heart rhythm in some patients.

The agency said the move follows its review of a study by medical researchers as well as a company study assessing the drug’s potential for causing abnormal changes in the electrical activity of the heart.

Sentiment values for the month also showed the TrendSignal increase was fairly negative (44%).  Since the drug brand is prevalent in all hospitals, the media coverage was widespread, with the Asia media segment being the only exception, showing a flat signal over the prior period and a consistent read over the prior year.