04-22-2013tigerwoodsYes.  Over $111M in advertising value for the Tiger Woods brand in the prior 12-month period according to our TrendSignal metrics.  We’ve been measuring the perennial Nike brand, and over 100 other Athlete brands for nearly 4-years with a wealth of data on their inherent media value and TrendSignal scores (Tiger Woods is currently at 77, up +5 points over the prior month, and +8 points over the prior year). 04-22-2013nikebrand

The Tiger Woods brand experienced an amazing $13 million media value run in March, and we expect a similar figure in April with the completion of the 2013 Masters.

Rory McIlroy was the closest athlete brand pulling $6 million over a trailing 12-month period, and a few dollars shy of $1 million for March, at $999,207.  The McIlroy TrendSignal is currently up an impressive +10 points on the prior month, and +3 points on the prior year metric.

Interestingly, on very strong single-month media coverage, the Tiger Woods brand equated to nearly 1/3 of Nike’s media value for the March 2013 period. For the prior 12-month media period it equated about 1/6 to the cumulative Nike total AVE.  This is an astounding contribution to a brand as strong as Nike in the Athletic and Outdoor Apparel Brand Category.