Where’s the Lance Armstrong media score this month?  While it’s hard to compete with a 3-month soul-searching-Oprah-infused media frenzy, it looks like the Armstrong brand is settling into a post-peak TrendSignal drop to a 68 level this month, down -10 points, or 13% off the prior period.

Sentiment for the Armstrong brand is still spiraling (above the critical 40% negative watermark @ 43%).  Volumes are still very high at 12+ million media mentions and the brand’s segment signals look consistent, with more of a slide in Asia than other regions.

It’s a little early to say whether the Armstrong brand is returning to a post-media frenzy norm of 50 to 55 points.  But if the drop continues at the current rate, Lance Armstrong the brand should hit the 50 point range by June/July this year.  Right now his TrendSignal is translating into a media value of $2.9 million for the month ($176 million on the trailing 12-month).