How are those tiny little antennas – from an equally tiny little start-up – creating such angst for Rupert Murdoch, and every major broadcast network from Disney to NBC Universal?

It’s all about the unbridled threat of Internet TV, a trend which is running at a consistent clip of 70 TrendSignal points for the current month on a trailing 12-month average of the same magnitude.  Amongst its peers, 70 is quite high for a technology not many people are used to seeing in the news, but the trend is poised for a major bump as the networks are getting a little nervous that all this media attention may lead to a series of copycats across different metro markets (Aereo is presently operating only in the NY area).  It’s essentially an end-run around retransmission fees, a $6 billion business for the networks.  Those paying these fees are watching Aereo and the Internet TV trend closely.

Internet TV Trend ReportWe’re tracking the Internet TV trend along with other disruptive media technologies (if you’re interested Mr. Murdoch).  Check out the latest Technology Trends Report for more details.