Netflix has been in the news a lot lately as reports circulate that up to 30% of available bandwidth in the US is taken up by streaming Netflix customers.  Helping matters along is the consistent  media coverage of the broader Internet TV trend.  Both social and traditional media channels are coming at the subject from different angles, but the net effect is a TrendSignal boost to all parties involved.

Whether its Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu, the overall Internet TV trend is holding its own at 70 points for the March media period, with a solid rank position among competing technology trends.  There’s plenty of room for growth (Internet TV is currently down 5 positions at 22nd within its Technology Trend peer group) and April looks like a good month as Amazon and Hulu gain media attention around their in-house series production efforts.

04-10-2013InternetTV (2)Also on the horizon are the efforts of Intel to get into the market with their yet unnamed “over the top” box service.  So, lots of announcements and media attention in the next few weeks.  Our Technology Trend Report has all the underlying topics and trends while our separate Technology Brands and Internet Brands reports cover the most important players.