Two major drug brands dropped significantly from the media landscape this month, but for very different reasons.

Epogen, or “EPO” in professional cycling circles, got a temporary boost from the performance enhancing drug (PED) media spike in and around Lance Armstrong in the December – March media cycle.  Apparently a little EPO turns steep Alpine mountains into downhill, wind-at-your-back jaunts to the store, along with a invite to the Oprah show!  Epogen is down -13 points to a TrendSignal of 30, well off the prior month high of 43.

On the other hand, Impax Laboratories settled pending litigation related to the popular ADHD drug Adderall XR.  News of the settlement took center stage among the brand’s peers in February, but March TrendSignal metrics indicate the spike was short-lived as Adderall lost -12 points to settle at a TrendSignal of 52 on heavy media volume (31M).

Both drug brands, along with nearly a hundred competing prescription brands can be found in our current Prescription Drug Brands Report.04-16-2013PrescriptionBrands