The Alex Rodriguez brand, currently down -5 points with a TrendSignal of 47 on the highest volume in the Male Athletes category, is due for a slight increase as one of baseball’s most celebrated hitters is linked to the South Florida anti-aging clinic, and the unfolding Federal and State investigation.

Scandals and celebrity relationships tend to spike most athlete brands beyond their traditional TrendSignal averages, i.e., Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Rory McIlroy, et. al.

Sentiment is running mixed with a 62% positive rating, which is likely due to a combination of salary media criticism and links to PEDs.  Interestingly, the brand is hitting a 12-month signal low in the broadcast segment, which is likely a result of the March media focus on college basketball (“March Madness”).

Complete media analytics on Alex Rodriguez along with over 100 other professional male athletes are available via our April 2013 Male Athletes Report.